It is the responsibility of every grown-up adult to take care of their elders. It is not just because the elders once helped them the same way but also because the elders are now incapable of taking care of themselves. Thus, it is the duty of the grown-ups not just to offer them the necessary care and help but also to offer them the best of it.

But, it is pretty challenging to find such healthcare service providers who can be trusted, efficient, and affectionate in offering the best elderly care services. But this issue gets resolved without hesitation when you choose Pranyaas and its healthcare services. The Geriatric or Elderly care services of Pranyaas are the most believable, trusting, and proficient services one can ever avail for their elder ones. Let us know more about its excellent quality of services in the following discussion.

What services are included in Pranyaas’s geriatric or elderly services?

The following are the different services domains that the highly trained and experienced professionals of the team of Pranyaas’s geriatric or Elderly care services cover.


  • Bathing, grooming, and dressing

Professional caretakers ensure that the elderly are adequately cleaned, bathed, groomed, and dressed with utmost care and delicacy.


  • Managing Littering and excretory needs

Any kind of necessity of taking the elderly for excretory activities and ensuring to clean them and the residential area afterward are also looked after by the professionals of Pranyaas.


  • Basic meals preparation and feeding the elderly

The team also guarantees that the older adults are offered warmly prepared meals at every necessary time of the day. And they are also fed with care and delicacy at the appropriate hours and quantity.


  • Hygined maintaining & Cleansing of the patient room

Ensuring that the room of the elderly is impeccably clean and germ-free is also the duty of the caretakers from Pranyaas.


  • Daily status reporting to the family

The family members of the patient receive daily updates about the well-being and health of the patient.


  • Help & assistance during locomotion

The elderly often have issues moving around freely by themselves. Thus, it is an essential and necessary duty of every caregiver to ensure that they assist the elderly person whenever they want to move from one place to another.


  • Oral medication and appointments reminders

The elderly always have a long list of medicines to be taken every day at every hour. And it is equally prevalent for them to miss out on taking the medicines. Thus, it falls under the duty of the healthcare providers to remind the patients to take their necessary medicines and make doctor and other appointments.


  • Regular exercise and basic massage therapy

The professional caregivers of Pranyaas are also trained to offer mochi massages and help the elderly exercise.


  • Safety management and companionship

The team also ensures that elderly patients never feel unaccompanied or lonely. Thus, they also provide them with their company and ensure their safety as well.


Final Words

Taking care of the elderly and ensuring that all their required demands and necessities are fulfilled is a tough task. Thus, it is best to hand over these tasks to professionals. And here, the best choice is to opt for Pranyaas’s geriatric or elderly care services, for it covers every possible domain of services and, most importantly, it is one of the most trusted, efficient, and experienced healthcare service providers that you can opt for.


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