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We provide patient care and skilled nursing which provides care at patients’ homes in their comfortable environment.

In addition to our regular set of services that are catered to an exceptional quality of elder care services in Maharashtra, our team also offers services that help in the quality of life improvements in a senior’s life. Pranyaas is a growing collaboration of care managers who strive to deliver the best and most caretaking services in the industry to your doorstep through our various chains, links, and connections. 

The best form of lifestyle is when the person we are worried about becomes independent in their day-to-day activities, and for that, we can help you in more ways than you can think. We always encourage our members to help their parents stay independent. We support and encourage them to continue doing what they can while offering them a chance to relax and focus on giving their love to them.

We assist in services that are specifically rare in nature which provides value addition to your parents and elders in varied ways. From helping them in getting their legal documents sorted, to give a personal touch that can help in making them feel comforted and being listened to. They are important to us and helping them for healthy well-being is our duty. One call and you can expect us to be quick and arrange qualified and professional assistance. Our care manager will accompany your parents in their tough times and assist them with outings and other work purposes. Personal care also plays a vital part in upcoming lifestyles and prosperity in which we have ample staff with skills, knowledge, and connections to sort it out for you.

Services Provided by Pranyaas

There are tumultuous times for all of us. While we may get the chance to go out for an outing or discuss it with our friends, this may not be that easy with our elder ones. Due to certain difficulties and obligations that they may face, people prefer talking outside the family for getting help. The elderly require personal support hence; we strive to devote quality time through our Care managers to understand their needs and demands.
Although with age comes a certain level of prowess and experience, it is also understandable to see the capability of taking stress over certain matters decrease over time. Property management can be a big hassle for the elderly, getting around the nook and corner of all the entails and trends of the market. To help them in making an informed and well-planned decision, Pranyaas can give the right counseling for property management and expansion.
Suppose you are living abroad with your family and your parents want to visit you to meet and see their children grow, you will never like the hindrances to stop you from doing this, right? At Pranyaas, we care, we know that traveling abroad requires guidance, and the majority of the paperwork for getting the visa and the passport needs to be done as well. Through our various connections and vast experience in this very situation, we can help you get this paperwork sorted so that nothing comes between your parents and you.
Indian culture is a melting pot of beautiful cultures, and no one has experienced this more than our parents and the generations before them. We understand that As parents get older it becomes a hassle for them to attend and perform certain religious rituals, we can do the arrangements on your behalf making sure that this journey is filled with memories and not headaches.
We are never late to learn new things. Whether it is about upskilling your linguistic skills or helping you get technically sound in whatever they desire. Learning helps them in staying motivated and feeling positive about themselves, which is a huge bonus to their health in the long run. Our team at Pranyaas arranges various literature care services at home to help you enjoy your interests in your leisure time.
Even as fully grown adults, legal documentation and procedure can look like one gargantuan task. Easing this headache for your parents and the elderly, our team can arrange for professional legal services for the elderly, which can ensure your peace of mind. All of your paperwork and legal obligations are met through our team and their connections, getting it sorted for them in the most efficient manner possible.
We all deserve a break from the day-to-day habits and activities, and nothing describes a young lively human being more than a change of look. Not being able to go out? No Problems, our team at Pranyaas can arrange for top-notch beauticians and high-quality beauty/grooming services at home. These services help not only the leisurely grooming needs but also in times like a family event.
Is laundry a hassle for your elders? At pranyaas, for a certain fee, we can provide the best quality laundry service, right at your doorsteps. We assist you with the best professionally cleaned and dried services at your home at the most affordable rates which may save your elder ones with physical and mental stresses of worrying about one more thing in their life.

Happy Clients

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“Every morning and evening Pranyaas calls me, asking me what they can do for me and if I have any work that needs to be done”

– Mrs. Manisha

“Every morning and evening Pranyaas calls me, asking me what they can do for me and if I have any work that needs to be done”

– Mrs. Prachi

Top questions about Specialized Services

Specialized services for elder care refer to specialized programs, facilities, or professionals that cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults. These services may include memory care, hospice care, rehabilitation therapy, palliative care, and more.
Specialized healthcare services are provided by healthcare professionals who have received additional training and education in their specific area of expertise. This may include medical specialists, surgeons, therapists, counselors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with specialized knowledge and skills.
Accessing specialized healthcare services typically involves obtaining a referral from a primary care physician or general healthcare provider. They can assess your condition and determine if specialized care is necessary. They will then refer you to an appropriate specialist or healthcare facility that can provide the specialized services you require.
Specialized healthcare services may sometimes cost more than general healthcare services due to the specialized expertise and equipment involved. The costs can vary depending on factors such as the specific service, location, healthcare provider, insurance coverage, and the complexity of the condition being treated. It is advisable to review your insurance coverage and discuss any potential costs with your healthcare provider.
Depending on the healthcare system and your insurance coverage, it may be possible to receive specialized services without a referral. Some insurance plans have direct access options that allow you to seek specialized care without a referral, while others may require a referral from a primary care physician. It is important to review your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider to understand the specific requirements.


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