Pranyaas is always focused on helping your parents stay independent & Supporting and encouraging them to continue doing what they can and we can support you with the rest. We wish elders to live their life to the fullest and stay independent and connected to their wellbeing. We assist rare and imperative services that are important and help in healthy wellbeing. One call and you can expect us to be quick and arrange qualified and professional assistance. Our care manager will accompany your parents in their tough time and assist them with outings and other work purpose. Personal care also plays vital part of upcoming lifestyle and prosperousness.

Elderly’s require personal support hence; we devote quality time with them to understand their needs and by being a supportive hand.

Pranyaas is customer service skilled and gives right counselling for property management and expansion.

Travelling far away requires guidance and various accounts are taken into consideration to avoid stress we assist elders with all over purposes.

As parents get older it become a little bit harder to manage functions and rituals does, behalf of you panicking we do arrangements according.

Learning new thing is never too late. Pranyaas arranges various literature care service at home to help you enjoy your interest and leisure.

Pranyaas arranges legal help & ensures all your paperwork and legal obligations are met so you can have peace of mind, knowing your legal services is being administered properly.

We send you top notch beauticians and high-quality beauty/grooming service in the comfort of your home.

For your Laundry apparels ; best laundry service at your door steps. We assist you with the best professionally cleaned and dried services at your home at the best price.