Pranyaas service included all possible things required in day to day life. Many of us cannot handle all the possible needs due to lack of time and many other possibilities. Pranyaas manages the auxiliary services to help people live at home. There are a number of ways in which our Care Manager serves such as regular chores, laundry, social support services, escorting to appointments, social events, pop in security checks and even support on holiday. So, you can enjoy peace when entrusted with Pranyaas cares of your loved ones.

We arrange all kind of assistance for home repairs at your home. We also ensure safety of electronic devices and regular used equipment’s, if required. This will also include technician,electrician, plumbers etc. at your home for installation of new gadgets/equipment.

Sometime elders feel apathetic to cook food, so Pranyaas facilitates food delivery, whether homemade or any of their favourite restaurants.

Pranyaas avails cabs or drivers for elder, for mobility purpose and also assist them, if required. This facility can avail except public holidays.

Avoid line and browsing time and shop in the comfort of your house. Pranyaas assists you with daily grocery and product required (offline or online services offered).

Keep dust and allergies away. Pranyaas arranges home cleansing service that keeps your home clean and hygienic. Health environment is created at your home in which your parents stay fit and healthy.

We arrange regular maid service for cooking food, cleaning utensils, washing clothes , mopping and to do various other household chores.

Elders lack in using internet, that’s why we help them and train to use internet for calling, video calling, Skype etc. This will help them to keep in touch with their loved ones.