This discrete service I designed to meet the needs and requirement for elder people. It is our new approach for senior citizen to get assisted in payment care. As many of our parents faces difficulties with coping up with the new technologies.  Get easy access with all kind of transaction with us as we handle your Bills and transaction. Pranyaas handles all the monthly dues and expenditures with proper information of bills, due dates and payment history. We also avail transportation for travelling and assessments. Instead of you travelling to the corporation we handle your payments procedure with reliability. Bank transaction or other banking detail services are also available.

We assist your parents in utility bills like water, gas, electricity and mobile bills etc. If required.

We record and maintain your day to day expense activities. We ensure full safety

We manage your parents’ expenses and money flow. We also guide them in attending online cash transaction in case of emergency.

We make money providence management for your future emergency situation. For any crises in future whether at home or at hospital.