Our first priority is Health care when we are looking for care options for our elder, who can stay in homes and receive medical assistance from professional caregivers. Pranyaas Eldercare manages all the medical and non-medical needs. We assists them with their health activities needs and make all facilities at ease for senior care. Our professional caretakers ensure that your parents receive the best quality care. We arrange doctors visit at home, check-ups, lab tests, physio therapies and medical equipment. In addition we monitor our service quality and make improvisation in treatment on feedback given. With us you can get the one to one care for your parents.

During trauma or after post-surgery elders require 24/7 medical care and assistance. Instead of hospitalization, Pranyaas is arranging all medical assistance at home.

Emergency are unavoidable and can occur anytime during the day. Pranyaas is accessible 24/7 for help or any kind of help or emergency. You are just a call away from getting help.

Physiotherapy keeps you physically rehabilitate as it keeps eases mobility and increases well-being of joints and muscles. We assist all kind of physiotherapies treatments at home.

We get doctor appointment according to your parent medical needs an assist them with transportation.

Medical troubleshoot can occur anytime during the day. We arrange Doctor on call service, according to health requirement. Best Doctor suitable for elder’s health is arranged.

We keep track of your health conditions, regular medicine, medical records and keep you updated with medicine reminders or appointment confirmation, if required.

Pranyaas arranges annual medical check-ups as per client convenience. Our Care Manager will assist the client during medical check-ups.

Pranyaas delivers medicines at your home and helps you to get best deals on your on-going medicine. We track your monthly medication needs at consultation time and deliver it on or before time.

Medicines are costly and are needed regularly hence; Pranyaas helps you get your medicines at feasible price. We also provide discounts on Lab test and consistent medical checkups.

We send medical reminders and health check-up reminders on Call/SMS as per elderly convenience.

Sometimes surgery and medical help are not better choices for hearing and speech. Hence we assist you with hearing and speech aids by which communication can be easily made without causing any internal pain.

This process required proper guidance and support throughout the period. If Surgery is suggested by the doctor, Pranyaas helps you to get a doctors reference for a second opinion on mentioned surgery with all details and

Lab test and various other tests: x-ray, CBC, Diabetes, Blood pressure etc. are done at your home, which includes sample collection and delivery of reports.

High Qualified Dentist are assisted  at your home for any sort of tooth pain or minor surgeries.

We assist you with all kin off vision care. We also arrange eye check-up at home and other inclusive services of vision care are also provided.