Did You Visit Your Parents for the Holidays? Parents who are adults and age may not be aware of changes occurring to their parents and tend to ignore them when they’re difficult to spot. In these cases, spouses can be the ones who initiate the discussion and highlight something unusual that could be troubling.


It’s common for siblings who live close to their parents or frequent their visits to ignore warning indications (the majority are slow and easy to overlook). When siblings or adult children visit during the Christmas season, They’re the ones who are worried about their parent’s health.


If your loved one or parent has had any of these signs or symptoms, it might be better to look into home-based elder care. The signs are:


  • General cleanliness of the home if you spot mildew, mold, insect, or any other, it is a sign of an issue. Food items that are rotten in the fridge, milk that has been used up over its expiration date, and so on.


  • Personal hygiene (or absence thereof) is another indicator.


  • Your loved one isn’t able to use medication regularly or is using prescriptions in a way that is not appropriate.


  • The finances have been mismanaged.


  • Your family members, parents, or family members are now unsafe drivers, or you observe driving problems such as the car’s dents, irregular habits, and more.


  • Your loved ones have been showing symptoms of forgetfulness (signs that are not typical). Menopausal hormonal changes can cause women to be forgetful. The frequent memory lapses can signal the beginning of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They are indicators that should not ignore.


  • Your parents, grandparents, or family members aren’t as active as they were in the past. You can tell by the decrease in their activities and level.


Care for seniors is a possible alternative for parents who are aging and their loved ones since they can remain at home for the time they need to. Caregiver visits when needed and take charge of the daily tasks and services like cleaning, running errands regularly (cleaning while stocking your fridge), scheduling doctor’s appointments, and security for your loved one’s home.


This involves checking the rug to avoid slips, putting in safe shower bars, and other measures to avoid falls and provide the safety of your family members. These little steps in senior care can help ease the burden on your loved ones and improve their overall quality of life.


Most people don’t know whether they require help or aren’t sure what steps they should take to get senior assistance. Planning is one method to reduce stress in the future. Contact experienced senior care professionals to learn more about the options and services.


Pranyaas is the most renowned organization of non-medical private duty home care providers that provide:

  • Senior care and elder care.
  • Personal care.
  • Respite.
  • Companion care helps people who are elderly or disabled to stay at home across Mumbai and Pune.


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If you’re looking for elderly companion services for yourself or someone you love, Contact Pranyaas elderly care services in Pune and Mumbai.

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