Unsure about the cost of care? Let us help you by providing you with an illustrative example by offering you special feature i.e. Emergency Fund Assistance. It’s exactly what its name claims it to be simple and safe to face an emergency situation in the future.

Many of us struggle during emergencies. Hence, Pranyaas is providing information and creative ideas for families. We counsel programs that can access and be brought in use. Our Care manager avails various data information and advices in need of emergencies. Fund management is done and this fund will be reserve for future uncertain situation. It works as your bank deposits.

Pranyaas manages the admission process in hospitals during emergency situation. We can utilise the reserve amount provided by you at the time of hospitalisation period to get this process in a smooth way

We advise you with different insurance plan that are helpful during emergencies and also we explain how emergency fund will work to avoid any circumstances in future.

There are various requirements during emergency, for it Pranyaas manages all the
medical necessities with honesty and understanding.