Leisure Care:

Leisure care is an integral part of society as it lights us up, creates happiness and humanity and emotional bond is developed between people. Interacting with people is associated with great sense of well being as it reduces stress.

Pranyaas ensures that your parent spend their Leisure time in creating joy and memories. We organize family events which they are willing to host, or any surprise parties. We assist them with a day outings or arranging picnic’s for them. We also engage your parents in social engagement and laughter clubs so that they meet new people and cherish their time.

Pranyaas assist you in organizing family events so that your family member comes together and enjoys family time. Like Family Get together , Family Function etc.

Picnic gives specific pleasure and happiness with serenity from regular schedule. We understand this need and arrange picnic according to your parents’ choice.

Our care managers will assist your parent for an outing which helps them to meet their friends or people at their choice places. Outing helps your parents to relax and also it help us to understand your parents interest and comfort zone.

We arrange surprise events for your parents’ birthdays, anniversaries and on any other special occasion. We will always strive to make your parents feel special.