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Rohini Shedge                             

Ayushya Health Care and Pranyaas Services supported a lots.

Ayushya Healthcare and elderly care services is extremely trustworthy, competent, kind, helpful and took care my mother when she was critical health situation and caretaker was good and extremely supportive and helpful.

Continue the great work….Love!

Success Ayusha Health Care and Pranyaas Services

Rohini Sushant Shedge
Jakarta Indonesia

Anjali Sawant                                    

Pranyaas Eldercare is one of the best care center for elders. They offer good service and support, also the staff members are very helpful and friendly. Everyone should atleast visit them once to appreciate their work. It’s really good initiative and beneficial for elder people. All the best for future!

Ruben Collazo                                  

They provide best service. Very cooperative staff and a great help for those who are working and can’t look after their parents and loved ones properly , trained attendants. keep up the hardwork!

Sanjay Shah                                     

Pranyaas eldercare provide very excellent service. Also they have very helpful staff. I am very happy and satisfied with pranyaas eldercare services. All the best and keep it up👍

Sushant Shedge                      

I AM HIGHLY DELIGHTED TO SHARE MY VIEWS FOR Ayushya Healthcare and Pranyaas elder care Services

Excellent support 24/7.

I am highly delighted to share my views for Ayushya Health Care and Pranyaas Services elder care
They are dealing with numerious patients , elder care in a well systametic manner . Highly qualified and we’ll experienced team and support system
and are team available here 24*7 , staff behaviour is really impressive especially Mam Shewta and Sunita as both are so so polite in nature , does all the formalities by her own I’ve never seen such helpful staff in any other healthcare and elder care services.

Sushant Narayan Shedge
Jakarta Indonesia

Pratik Waingankar                     

Humble staff + excellent service.. they are doing a good deed … I Hope they expand to more locations to help more elderly people… Keep up the good work!


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