Healthcare Services at Home

If staying at home is a priority for your loved one, our personal/elder care services can provide the assistance required to safely remain at home. Our standard are regarded as the..

Complete Care Solution

We know staying healthy and active is a priority for seniors — and for most; it is the key to successful aging. We’re dedicated to enhancing elderly experience through our diverse service offering-we call complete care..

Emergency Care Support

Emergency situation are unpredictable, it can occur anytime throughout the day. Pranyaas is accessible 24/7, 24 hours and all 7 days in a week: 365 days for help. A health emergency requires immediate…

‘Real-Time Solution for elder care’

Every elder has a unique need, and we at Pranyaas understand that. We’re there for you from being there for your loved ones for some normal conversations or helping people in crisis. Our care managers do everything a family member should do for them as a home care services unit.

“PRANYAAS” works as a one-stop-shop for elderly care management. We provide quality care and support for senior citizens across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Pranyaas Care is a designed care package to support those who have their elderly loved ones living in Mumbai their children stay far away from homes.

You notice that your elders have grown tired and that they want moreover need somebody by their side to manage with everyday mundane tasks. We go through your options and work with you to create a subscription care plan for your loved one. They now experience improved quality of life and enjoy independence in their residence. You have peace of mind knowing they’re utterly safe and well cared for Pranyaass’ special Senior Citizen Care Organization.

We offer in-home care, daily activities assistance, health check-ups, payment assistance, quality time in their own home, shopping assistance, etc. based on the client’s requirement to give their elders the higher quality care they deserve. We intake values and are committed to our work to exceed expectations and the best outcomes. PRANYAAS senior care is a commitment to facilitate the eldercare service with a comprehensive solution that is truly user-friendly.

real time solution for eldercare


In now days many working or who staying far away from love ones, they do not have sufficient time to take care the old age members health and daily needs, taking care of elderly parent or relative is hard on anyone, Many elder loved once were in need of constant nursing care and supervision, and several elder people had no local family support. Now, we decided to change our model and switch to Pranyaas senior care plan. Pranyaas Stands for elderly parents to focus on offering one-stop parent care solution in Mumbai,

With Pranyaas care services you or your loved one can continue to live at home safely and comfortably, rather than moving to old age home. Whether you need just a hours of local help each week or daily assistance, we can tailor made our services to suit your or your loved one’s needs and wants, Pranyaas services targeting to be the support system for all ageing parents who live by themselves.

Pranyaas offers the perfect mix of personal care and hospitality, tailored to meet the individual needs of elders with believing in giving assistance in day to day activities over their lives and encouraging independence and socialisation while providing exceptional care.

Why we are here for you?

As you move forward, your requirements are for comfort.    As an Indian, you are tradition-minded and respected by all around you.  This is our Indian culture.  You are unaware of what the elderly went through to attain the present status. In return, you give them the best, to keep them comfortable.  If you are still living with them, you may not be in a position to attend to all their needs.  The elders are vulnerable, due to one ailment or the other.  Often, you may be traveling, when they are left with no dependable person around.  You need reliable services to assist them. 

We, at Pranyaas have a variety of services available for the well-being of the elderly.  Our Parent Care Solution will keep the elderly at their homes, safe and comfortable.  Apart from Health & Wellness teams, we arrange for visits to diagnostic labs and pharmacies.

Pranyaas offers you other services for day-to-day living, which takes away their stress for peaceful living. Pranyaas Care Managers are your trustworthy friends, who will attend to all your needs, viz. housekeeping, such as, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning repairs, etc.

Do you have to update your Aadhar card?  Do you need assistance to file your Income Tax returns and/or any legal matters?   Do not hesitate to contact Pranyaas for your commercial requirement.

Do you intend to have a break from the busy city life and travel out with a group or travel out of the country to meet your near and dear ones and your passport validity has expired?  We will be glad to assist you to renew your passport, air ticket booking, foreign exchange, transport to & from the airport, wheelchair at the airport, etc., as the case may be.

We are located in Kandivali, a western suburb of Mumbai and cater to all over Mumbai and suburbs.

For all your needs, become a member of Pranyaas, who are just a phone call away.



Pranyaas eldercare manages all the medical and non-medical needs.


Pranyaas service included all possible things required in day to day life. Our Care Manager serve such as regular chores, laundry etc.


Pranyaas ensures that your parent spend their Leisure time in creating joy and memories. We also organize family events .


This fund will be reserve for future uncertain situation.It to be simple and safe future.


Get easy access with all kind of transaction with us as we handle your utility bill payment and monthly dues and expenditure .


We provide patient care and skilled nursing which provides care at patient’s home in their comfortable environment.


Pranyaas provides a way for protecting you and your family from a financial lose. We assist you to get best plans.


When you engage with Pranyaas, help is always on the way. We immediately dispatch emergency personnel to your location.