Loneliness and Isolation Can Affect Senior Health

7 Aug 2020 Blog

Loneliness and social isolation are major problems for older adults and are associated with adverse mental and physical health consequences for seniors, maintaining social connections and staying in touch with loved ones proves quality of life, it improves mental and physically health. Socially isolated seniors have a 59% greater risk of mental and physical decline and have been shown to slow Alzheimer’s and Dementia patient’s decline. Loneliness leads to appear miserable, down or defeated because of less engaging with others. If your elders talk more than when they have the opportunity or want extra physical contact, such as longer hugs when they see you. These are all signs of feeling lonely. Isolation and loneliness can be signs that a senior lacks the support and tools needed to live a healthy, independent life.

If you’re worried about an aging loved one who may be struggling with loneliness, and wondering how best to support them then this are the things you can do to foster their loneliness

Social Media:-  Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites can help seniors to  stay connected with friends and family across the country. Virtual meetups, online worship services are also beneficial.

Activities :- Good conversation, cooking and eating together, reading together, playing games, or listening to music can have mental health benefits.

Family and Friend Interaction:-  Visiting family and friends is one of the most important for seniors as these catch-ups help combat senior isolation. After all, humans are wired to interact and socialize, and they especially need these interactions .One of the most important parts of life is about human interaction, emotional connections.

Exercise: – Exercise reduces stress and just makes us feel good. Exercise is especially beneficial to seniors to increase flexibility and strength exercise can be helpful but always be positive and sensitive in efforts to encourage older loved ones.

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