What is Companion Care? Companion Caregiving vs. Personal Caregiving

Care for senior citizens with companionship assists older adults who must live securely in their homes. This type of care at home includes various tasks that many seniors cannot complete by themselves. In other instances, this can make seniors vulnerable to becoming dependent. However, with the help of caregivers, seniors can remain in their routines and remain in their own homes.

At Pranyaas, the provision of companion care is among our most requested services that cover a broad spectrum of caregiving tasks. It makes an excellent option for those who require some assistance to stay at home. However, they don’t need extensive caregiving.

What Is Companion Care?

Companion care is one type of care in-home that provides vital assistance for disabled and elderly adults.

The typical care plan will include many ways to make life simpler and safer for the care recipient. For example, caregivers may run tasks like grocery shopping or buying medications for a senior. In other instances, caregivers can organize and cook regular meals, perform some housekeeping chores, and remind patients of their medications.

This kind of elder care is also designed to enhance the quality of life in different ways. Caregivers are partners in favorite hobbies and activities, assist clients with meetings and social events, and engage in friendly conversation with them.

These activities could provide a source of hope for those who live in isolation. Social isolation has been found to increase the likelihood of developing health issues and even death for older adults. Caregiving for isolated seniors provides them with social interactions and continuous support, thus helping to end the cycle of isolation.

Companion Caregiving vs. Personal Caregiving

When deciding on elder care services for your loved one, you could pick between personal and companion care. This is why it’s essential to know the differences between these two types of services.

When a person is a home care partner, their responsibilities typically consist of washing clothes, cooking meals, and helping run errands. But, this kind of care does not provide physical assistance in activities like dressing or bathing.

Personal care is a way to fulfill the primary requirements of companions’ caregiving and provide customers with physical assistance. Personal care can complement non-medical help to treat chronic health conditions like Parkinson’s or diabetes.

Many older adults receiving senior care may remain in their homes comfortably thanks to the assistance of a caregiver. However, those who require specialized care or physical assistance may require personal care to stay at home safely.

Elderly Companion Care – Get Started!

Your neighborhood Pranyaas Companion Care makes it simple to start by providing home treatment.

If you call the office in your area, We will set up an appointment to meet together with your loved ones. We will design an individual senior companion strategy and plan based on the information we gather. This plan of care is tailored to the individual care desires and needs.

After we’ve created the care plan for your loved one, We’ll connect them to a caregiver. Choose Your Caregiver program guarantees an ideal match for each client, making it possible to identify the right caregiver for your loved one.

Are you looking for the companion care you need? Look for Pranyaas Parental care service, or CONTACT US to find out how we can help you!

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