Working or studying abroad? Here’s how to look after your parents when you’re in the foreign 

Don’t let distance hinder the quality of care your parents deserve. Here’s a list of ways you can help your parents when they are away. 

If you’re currently living in abroad because of your studies or work there’s a good chance that you’re missing your parents as much in the same way as you’d like home-cooked meals. 

You may also have a hard time taking charge of them while far away, especially if your parents are getting old. 

It’s much easier to blame yourself for it trying to find ways to take action and look after them even from a distance can benefit you greatly. 

Here are 7 things you need to focus on while you are leaving abroad to ensure happy parents at home.

1. You can be the tech-savvy

Nothing makes parents feel more joyful than looking at their child’s smile. Unfortunately, they, as a child are thousands of miles from them. However, the same technology that keeps you connected with your cool family and friends can also bring a smile to the faces of your parents as well. 

Also, plan an online video call at a time that is suitable for parents and you once per day at the very least. Keep up with this schedule. 

In the course of this conversation, inquire about their health. Keep an eye on the frequency of their visits to the doctor, and make sure that they’re taking their medication in order if at all they’re taking any type of medication. 

Furthermore, if you take in the initial five minutes you spend each day to check your phone, you should take five seconds of the time you check your phone to send your parents a Good Morning text. This will make them feel more loved than you could ever imagine.

2. Make their scenes as quickly as you do your own

You don’t have to hide the fact that you text your pals to plan an appearance every weekend. With the same enthusiasm, you have could create an evening of gatherings for your parents, too. All this even though you are far away from them. 

Do you think about creating a Whatsapp group with their close friends’ relatives’ numbers, and encouraging them to visit? Find movie tickets for them Encourage them to travel on vacation Ask their family members to accompany them for lunch and inform them of the nearby fairs and exhibitions to visit and experience new things.

3. Don’t forget the personal touch that was a part of the past

If you’re an adolescent in the 90s it’s likely that your childhood was not complete without greeting cards or writing letters to your loved ones. You can channel the same child in yourself by making sure that you send letters and cards for special occasions to brighten your parent’s faces.

4. Appoint a reliable caretaker

Appoint a reliable elderly care service. If it’s a reliable household helper or a dependable neighbor who regularly monitors your parents from time to time. Make sure you have an emergency contact in the event of an incident. Elderly care service by Pranyaas not only take care of emergency but also acts as a proxy child for your parents. These professional caretaker assists your parents for healthcare assistance, companion care, leisure care, emergency fund assistance, payment care and insurance assistance.

5. Setup CCTV Camera and Keep a Watch on them time to time

You don’t know the extent that having cameras in your house can benefit you, especially if you live apart from family members. Nowadays you can see the activities in your home from your phone on its own. 

The next time you’re at home, make sure you have the camera and its app downloaded on your smartphone. And, after you’re done you should make sure to check the cameras on a regular basis to ensure their security.

6. Train them to use the technology

From setting up reminders for medicines through the phone to setting emergency alarms at home and even using the GPS to locate their way when they travel, your parents must master a few fundamental technological procedures, and you’ll need to teach them about them. 

7. Find them a health coach

From meditation to yoga to lifting weights, you can figure out the type of exercise that your parents love and then assign a fitness coach to come to them and help them become healthier and more fit. 

If there are any health classes that are offered in groups within the area, invite your parents to sign up to make new people while getting the benefits of the class.  

Therefore, you should start making these changes immediately and make sure you look after your loved ones in the most efficient way when you’re away.

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